Kevin Kremer


b. 1986, HK.


As freelance graphic designer and artist, I have collaborated creatively, worked practically, gained deeper insight and developed greater understanding of what it means to communicate visually. My approach now embraces and harnesses the power of typography to create impact, convey meaning, stimulate and provoke.



London, U. K. – Royal College of Art

M.A. Visual Communication. 2019.


Munich, GER – Media Design Hochschule

B.A. Visuelle Kommunikation.2016.


Freelance Visual Communication:

Art Installations,

Brand & Visual Storytelling,

Creative Strategy,

Graphic Identity


2014, 2015, 2017

Type Directors Club

2014, 2017

TDC Student Award


It‘s Nice That

Design Week



My Practice


An invitation to consider, reflect, challenge, experience and feel.


The journalistic, academic and poetic text often provide language for my work.  Identifying this material involves wide reading and research which, in turn, inspires and shapes the process.


My personal history is gradually becoming part of my practice, fragments of myself working like words in a sentence.  This vocabulary can stem from deep sadness, honest reaction, intense reflection and truthful empathy.


I make work, in order to reflect on individual and collective concerns.


Therefor, I create spatial, visual, and conceptual dialogues using language. This allows me to present a multitude of perspectives and critical voices around socio-political topics such as freedom, borders, migration, gender and sexual orientation.


Inspiration for my work...


...comes from archive material, personal experience, challenging facts, opinions, knowledge and vocabularies.

Through my experience setting up a non-profit association to facilitate integration for young asylum seekers in Germany, I became aware of the need to engage with a topic in a more complex, systematic way.

Therefore, I use the juxtaposition of content and context, truth and irony, reaction and intention to amplify the tensions the context dictates.



»dialogue: freedom, borders, migration. a dictionary.«

Graduate Exhibition. July, 2019. Hockney Gallery, Royal College of Art.

»PODIUM Magazine«

Publication Launch event. March, 2018. Courtyard Gallery, Royal College of Art. 

»RE SIGN. Typography at its limits.«

Typographic Singularity. February, 2018. Courtyard Gallery, Royal College of Art.